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Industrial steel buildings are widely preferred these days as they are cheaper and affordable. There are basically four types of industrial steel buildings:


Steel Buildings-Warehouse

Steel Buildings-Warehouse

Warehouses are huge steel buildings that are primarily used as storage facilities. Warehouses are spacious from within. Industrialists prefer warehouses structure that has more capability against weather, rust and corrosion because of the nature of their function. These industrial steel buildings can be used for storing raw material, product kits, supplies, and completed units.

Manufacturing facilities

Industrial steel buildings with huge manufacturing facilities are used to produce many things. They have large production machinery installed within. There are further four types of manufacturing based metal buildings which are:

Ø  Oil Rigging Facility: Facilities installed to dig for oil and petroleum.

Ø  Power Plant: These are huge structures, install into them are heavy duty machines that burn fuel, coal and gas to produce electricity.

Ø  Foundry: These are huge industrial steel buildings for the main purpose of metal and glass castings. These metal castings are used in refrigerators, ships, airlines, vehicle manufacturing and other.

Ø  Brewery: These are huge industrial facilities which are meant for producing beer on large quantities. In some Asian countries, the term brewery is also used for soft drinks industry.


Steel Buildings- Garages and Workshops

Steel Buildings- Garages and Workshops

These are huge industrial steel buildings primarily meant for repair and maintenance activities. Repair services, and technical activities are handled in these structures. They also contain garages to stand company vehicles.

Offices and workplaces

There are many offices and workplaces that are made up of steel. In every industry, these structures are especially insulated and preferred as they are strong and sturdy. Besides all, these structures serves well the purpose of cost-effectiveness and quality.